Celebration of Fine Art 2016

A figurative artist?      A wildlife artist?      A water-life artist?               

The medium is stone so would the genre be best described as personification artist – giving human characteristic to something that is not human?

I consider all life forms as inclusive – as common community sharing much the same emotions, desires, needs. Therefore, fish smile, owls are happy, lovers embrace and giraffes hug.

All evoke identifiable positive feelings in the viewer. 

Many artists create by building – I create by subtracting.  The natural configuration of a stone calls to me and I remove what doesn’t belong.

Using the basic hammer and chisel to carve the stone, I also scrape, drill, file and sand – all by hand.

I shape the stone into its realized beauty; most are fully developed 3-dimensional forms, yet some are high-relief.

I adhere to the traditional techniques and style of Shona Sculpture using imported stones from Zimbabwe. 

With a strong sense of responsibility, opportunity and intention, I transform hard and enduring stone into sculptures that capture all that is good and worth preserving in the world around us. 

BIOGRAPHY: Master stone sculptor Gedion Nyanhongo was born into an artistic family in Zimbabwe, Africa.

During his youth, he watched his father, Claud Nyanhongo, a prominent artist and driving force within the innovative Shona Sculpture movement (unique to Zimbabwe) that began in the late 1950s and says: …although I was young, I remember loving it and knowing that it was what I wanted to do.”

Gedion was mentored by internationally acclaimed sculptor Joseph Ndandarika (a friend of his father) and began his solo career in 1988 with his first exhibition opening at the Mabwe Gallery in Harare, Zimbabwe in 1989.

Gedion Nyanhongo’s vision and skills have earned him international recognition as a sculptor of excellence. His works have been showcased in solo and group exhibitions at venues around the world, including: England, France, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, South Africa, U.S.A, and Zimbabwe.

Nyanhongo’s work is included in both private and public collections.

Two of his works are on permanent display at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

A life-size Zebra sculpture is installed on the grounds of the Phoenix Zoo. 

Gedion Nyanhongo currently lives in Arizona and participates in shows and festivals across the nation.